Artwork Charlevoix de St Irenée, 1982 by Judy Archer 


Judy Archer - Body Talk, Inner Relationship


Judy is a TRE Provider. She teaches on Zoom and practices from her home studio in Orillia. She has a broad background in somatic therapies: Inner Relationship Focusing, Trager™ Movement Re-education, Therapeutic Touch, Continuum Movement, Tai Chi and Bioenergetics. Her 30 plus year of work experience includes Twelve-Step work with Adult Children of Alcoholics, personal growth facilitation, visual art and writing. The TRE work complements her visual arts by keeping people fluid and open to their creative potential and gifts. She writes a Blog :TRE and Focusing. She is currently enrolled in the University of Toronto Creative Writing Certificate. She holds an MASc in Counselling & Human Relations from the University of Waterloo (1975)

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